May has arrived with tentative hopes for summer but if it doesn’t bring us any sun, at least it provides a couple of bank holiday weekends! Despite the onset of the summer season, everyone at SVM is working hard and we still have a lot to do!

This month has brought us several new projects and it has been all about continuing relationships forged through successful collaborations in the past. We are delighted to return to further works on House of Fraser’s flagship Glasgow store, where we have long provided M&E design advice, and also to our old friend Glasgow Central Station for some monitoring activities. Blairhill Station is another site at which we have been involved in various capacities but we are now returning to provide some design associated with the new ticket office. To keep everyone on their toes, we have also become involved this month with a new client, who has asked us to provide some lighting design for Glasgow Prestwick Railway Station.

Several ongoing projects are continuing to make their presence felt this month and the most prominent of these are the high profile Glasgow Queen St Station refurbishment, the EGIP project, PARR works, Motherwell North Signalling Renewals and ‘access for all’ design at several station locations across the country. We are in the early stages of a project concerning railway bridge design and the Partick Interchange modernisation scheme. An assortment of smaller scale projects are also in the works across a host of railway properties including signal boxes, underpasses, boiler rooms and depots and these vary between external lighting design; LED replacements; gateline installations; earthing and bonding design; surveys; monitoring and REB and PSP design. Going underground, we are still providing site support for the Glasgow subway refurbishment and, in the commercial sector, we continue to provide CAD 3D modelling for new education suites. We continue to be involved in an advisory capacity with a site suffering from extreme weather conditions in the North of England; our neighbouring office buildings and a hotel site in Taynuilt.

This month we hosted our ever popular trip to the Hamilton Racecourse for the Braveheart Night and it once again proved to be a very successful evening. We would like to thank all those who attended and we hope that you were lucky!