SVM Glasgow has grown from the successful, global engineering consultancy Steensen Varming Mulcahy. At its original roots, the company was called Steensen Varming and was founded in 1933 in Copenhagen by Niels Steensen and Jorgen Varming.

In 1946 Varming established an office in Dublin that became Varming Mulcahy following the addition of Sean Mulcahy to the partnership, who was then followed by Brian Reilly and 3 other associate partners, leading to the current title of Varming (VMRA) Consulting Engineers, which has offices in Dublin, Cork and several satellite offices throughout Ireland.

In 1957 the company saw possibly its largest expansion with the opening of Steensen Varming in Sydney, Australia. Still operating under the title Steensen Varmingm, the Sydney office was responsible for all M&E issues associated with the construction of the Sydney Harbour Opera House. Today Steensen Varming Australia has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne under the control of directors Barry Tam and Dan Mackenzie and remain involved with the ongoing services requirements at the Opera house to this day.

SVM established a base in the United Kingdom in 1957 with the opening of their London office. Offering consultancy services on all types of mechanical and electrical engineering, this office worked on such high profile projects as the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Playfair Project at the National Gallery in Edinburgh.

Following the success and publicity of the Playfair project, SVM established an office in Glasgow in 2004 and has forged links with important national clients and expanded the project portfolio and client base. This new portfolio includes social housing, rail industry, high end retail, commercial, MOD establishments, historic buildings, museums & theatres.

After being part of the SVM Consulting Engineers group for five years, since its inception, the Glasgow office expanded to a point that it was in need of independence. In 2009, an increased client base and project portfolio led to a transfer of ownership creating the new company SVM Glasgow.

It is anticipated that the SVM Glasgow will expand even further with plans to increase employees, undertake a greater workload and forge links with new and existing clients to continue providing excellent mechanical and electrical engineering design solutions from a new Scottish base in the city of Glasgow.

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