Originally published April 2015

The new business year has begun with a bang and 2015-2016 is now well underway in the SVM Glasgow office. This year we hope to continue building on all of last year’s success by further developing our expanding client portfolio; looking for new challenges in the construction industry and enhancing the services that we offer with the increasing use of BIM (with level 2 compliance no achieved) and other new technologies – all while still providing excellent design support to all our long standing and highly valued clients.

As usual this month, the Railway has provided several new projects with works being started for a level crossing light installation and further tunnel lighting works – familiar territory at SVM! Also familiar in April are further or extended works on sites with which we have had a long involvement, including a large signalling centre and additional rail works in the Polmont area. This month has also seen the beginnings of a wonderfully diverse range of projects outwith the Rail sector with works at an old cinema property in Glasgow, commercial premises in the North of Glasgow and a Stirlingshire hotel. Sites with which we have an established history are also making a comeback in the commercial sector, as well as in the Railway, with further works instructed at an office development near the Firth of Forth and 3D drawing production at two further educational suites. Looking forward, there have been tenders submitted this month for some Railway works at Perth and design associated with airport works – which would round out the travel theme!

April has also seen the continuation of a lot of our large scale works, the most significant of which being the design for an oil related manufacturing development at Heartlands, PARR and Scottish Borders Rail, all of which are making good progress. Railway projects are thriving with works ongoing for a new railway scheme close to Paisley St James; lighting works at Partick station; surveys at a large signalling centre and a new phase of the Motherwell North Signalling Renewals project. We are still at work on various railway sites across Lincolnshire and at stations in Blairhill, Elgin and Stirling. Away from the Railway we are continuing works on a high-end car showroom, a prestigious Glasgow City Centre hotel and 3D drawing production for education suites across the country.

We are looking forward to welcoming a few new faces into the office in the near future with start dates lined up for new staff during May and June. However, if you’ve got the right stuff there could always be room for you at SVM so to find out if you’ve got what it takes, please forward your CV to Elise McLean at elise.mclean@svm-glasgow.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.