Originally published August 2015

January seems like it was only yesterday so it is difficult to believe that we are now well past the half-way point of another busy and successful year for SVM Glasgow. We’ve worked on projects from Railway lights to office sites and are showing no sign of slowing down as we head into the latter half of 2015.

New projects this month are still in their very early stages with tender discussions taking place for some prestigious transport works. We have also begun to look at a railway site in Leeds and covered further works at our existing Glasgow Subways sites. Costs have been submitted for works at Aberdeen Station and for some server power works that are also within the Railway. In the commercial sector we have become involved in more works in some of our neighbouring buildings in Glasgow City Centre with a client who has now become firmly established with SVM.

The big projects this month have been the EGIP works taking place between Glasgow and Edinburgh and several AFA schemes at various railway locations across Scotland. The second phase of the large scale PARR project, with which SVM have been involved for some time, is getting underway and we are looking to soon begin extensive survey works for a major railway depot. Still on the Railway, Motherwell North Signalling Renewals is progressing well and site supervision works at the Glasgow Subway are ongoing while we continue to be involved in external lighting works for a major depot and small scale works at locations in Laurencekirk and Paisley. Back in the stationary world, we have several commercial and residential projects that are making good headway. The largest of these is still the oil related manufacturing development at Heartlands while we have also been heavily involved in building warrant works for a house on the Isle of Bute. Continuing projects include working on the design for commercial premises in the North of Glasgow; producing survey results for multiple higher education facilities and design works for various office buildings and a large hotel in Glasgow City Centre.

SVM are also very proud and happy to have participated in the Scottish Borders Rail project which is the longest new domestic railway to be built in Britain in over 100 years. This is now almost complete with passenger service due to commence on 6th September and SVM are glad to have been part of the crack team that made it such a success. To mark the occasion, Kent PHK have commissioned a promotional video which you can view on our Facebook or Linked In page. While there is no Brad Pitt or George Clooney, there are some familiar faces – next stop Hollywood!