The SVM Christmas Party

Christmas was just around the corner, and SVM were merry
They’d achieved so much in 2016, it was quite extraordinary
At every new event and function, it felt like everyone knew their name,
So they decided to throw a Christmas party and all the projects came.

The dancefloor filled up quickly, with merry jaunts and japes,
‘EGIP’ and ‘ECML Supplies’ were up there throwing shapes.
‘HEP’ was having so much fun, it wished the night was longer,
While ‘IECC’, just through the door, managed to join the Conga.
‘Aberdeen and Inverness Depots’ were arguing over the music,
But everyone there was in such good shape, it was an argument no one could lose at.

‘Partick Interchange’ and ‘Broomloan Depot’, were singing around the tree,
Then ‘Dundee Station’ unexpectedly arrived shouting, ‘Hi, remember me!’
‘London Surveys’ made quite an entrance, primed and ready to start,
While ‘access for all’ gave a bit of a yawn and felt it was nearly time to depart.
‘LEDs’, ‘Earth Bonding’ and ‘Waverley Works’ breezed in without a care,
They got right down to partying – their friends were already there!
‘Kent Renewals’ rang the doorbell, as they were new and shy,
But they were welcomed in with open arms and treated like one of the guys.

‘MNSR’, ‘PARR’ and Slateford, chatted in the kitchen near the beers,
They were perfectly at home there, they’d been coming here for years.
The ‘Freight Port’, up from England, found the party food delectable.
While ‘CAD 3D Works’ just laughed along, always the one to stay respectable.

So they finished the year in spirits high, not forgetting those to whom we’re reliant.
SVM sent home with them every warmest wish and gratitude to each client.
As the last was heading down the path, they stopped as they suddenly remembered.
‘What’ll we do?’ he asked SVM, ‘When you close on 23rd December?’
SVM shook their head at that and laughed for all they were worth.
‘Don’t worry, you won’t have long to wait, we open again on the 4th!

So SVM and all their projects had the best night of a successful year.
But they all knew that the next one would be better, of that they had no fear.
They’d meet 2017 head on without hesitation or stricture
And remember how good their party was – at least, til one of them posts the pictures!