Originally published March 2015

At last Spring is just around the corner but, while we are glad to say goodbye to such a miserable winter, it is a fond farewell that we are bidding to a prosperous 2014/2015 as SVM reach the end of the Business Year in a stronger position than ever before.

Several new projects have arrived with us ahead of the Easter bunny this year including a new railway scheme close to Paisley St James, pre-design activities at Queen Street Station and lighting works at Partick Station. Also in the Railway sector we have been asked to look at several design aspects at an Edinburgh Signalling Centre and to carry out surveys at certain Glasgow city centre stations. This month has also seen us revisit and undertake further or second phase works at various projects with which we have a steady history, including Gourock Station, the Glasgow Subways refurbishment and Motherwell North Signalling Renewals. Away from the trains in March we have also become involved with a heating project for commercial premises and surveys at an office building in London.

Ongoing projects this month include several large scale projects with which we have been heavily involved for several months, design for all of which is progressing well. These projects include the design for an oil related manufacturing development at Heartlands, PARR and Scottish Borders Rail. As always the railway makes up a good share of our ongoing projects with works still in progress across Lincolnshire and closer to home at Haymarket Station with smaller jobs across the country at sites including Blairhill, Elgin, Hamilton and Applecross. Non Railway projects are also very healthy this month with works continuing on a high-end car showroom, a prestigious Glasgow City Centre hotel and 3D drawing production for education suites across the country.

Recruitment is also going well but during the office Spring Clean we have found a few more desks that are just waiting for the correct candidate. So if you think that you would be a good fit for this close, fast based team, please forward your CV to Elise McLean at elise.mclean@svm-glasgow.co.uk. Our clients are high status and our projects are varied and interesting – it could be the perfect opportunity for you!