December News!

Another year has flashed by at lightning speed and Christmas is upon us once again.  This year has surpassed previous years to be SVM Glasgow’s most successful to date – which is a statement made at the end of every December but it is true that each year grows busier and brings more exciting challenges […]

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November News!

It’s the penultimate news round up of 2018; the lights have been lit in George Square and a giant reindeer is once again guarding the bottom of Miller Street – all of which can only mean one thing: that Christmas time is about to begin once again!  The party season got off to a good […]

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October News!

October finds SVM Glasgow as busy as ever with projects covering several different, challenging areas filling up the darkening Autumn days.  There is, however, a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks with the main highlight being attendance at the IRSE Scotland Dinner at the beginning of November, an evening which is […]

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September News!

Summer definitely seems to have made its departure and Autumn is now making its presence felt in Glasgow.  However, we’re not just turning the heating up in the SVM office; our project portfolio and productivity also continues to rise with increasing numbers of clients returning to us for their ongoing design requirements,  Its gratifying to […]

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August News!

August has been an interesting month in Glasgow with the European Championship events taking place across the City.  However, while the runners and bicycles have been speeding by on their road races, SVM have been keeping firmly focussed on more mechanical methods of travel as Railway and transportation hubs across the country continuing to play […]

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July News!

It’s already half way through the summer and while the sun is keeping his hat firmly on outside, things are just as hot in the SVM office with new and old projects alike continuing to sizzle this month.


Many new projects have been emerging for the summer and several of them are centred around the larger […]

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June News!

We’ve almost reached the half way point of 2018 and there’s so much going on that SVM’s summer is proving to be a blockbuster!  Holiday season has begun with destinations such as San Francisco, Croatia and Norway claiming some lucky staff for a few days here and there but everything is very much business as […]

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January News!

Originally published January 2016

2016 is now well underway and SVM are back hard at work for another year that we hope will be as challenging and exciting as 2015. Although the parties of the festive season are over, there is plenty to look forward to in the months ahead for everyone at SVM.

New projects arriving early […]

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December News!

Originally published December 2015

‘Twas the week before Christmas and through SVM’s office
The staff donned Christmas jumpers and prepared to get raucous.
As they enjoyed Christmas lunch, without making a scene,
They remembered all they’d accomplished in 2015.

The clients were happy and the projects were challenging;
Everyone was busy with the works they were managing.
There were plenty of accolades, SVM […]

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November News!

Originally published November 2015

The party season is already beginning as we head into the Christmas countdown but before we start opening the advent calendar there are plenty of exciting projects still to be gift wrapped for our clients this month.

There have been several new tender prices submitted this month including further LED replacement works on several […]

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