Originally published October 2015

It is difficult to believe that we are heading into winter again already but as the clocks go back this weekend, it just gives SVM an extra hour to spend on our current, exciting range of projects.

New arrivals to our winter collection this month include two signalling centres; one being a revisit to a site in the North of Scotland for further works and the other being design for power supplies at a site that’s closer to home. Also in the Railway sector we have been asked to look at Access for All schemes at a few more Scottish locations and are hoping to tender for some further design works in the South of England. In the commercial sector we have become involved with the design for another car showroom following two similar successful projects that have recently reached completion. Initial enquiries have also been made about an office building in London and some small scale works at a UK airport.

Alongside these we are still very busy with continuing projects at our existing Access for All schemes and EGIP works taking place between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Motherwell North Signalling Renewals is progressing well and survey works are beginning for a major railway depot. Projects involving PSPs and UPSs on some major railway sites in the Edinburgh area are almost finished while works at the Glasgow subway are ongoing. When not on the Railway we have plenty to do with multiple small projects in our neighbouring office buildings; design for a house on the Isle of Bute and some new education suites requiring 3D modelling. We are still wrapping up our involvement on commercial premises in the North of Glasgow and, of course, we continue to provide design advice for the oil related manufacturing development at Heartlands.

According to the news, this is set to be one of the coldest winters in several years so to keep up the heat in the office we are still looking to welcome some new bodies to SVM Glasgow. If you are a senior electrical or mechanical engineer with consultancy experience then we would love to hear from you so please contact Elise McLean (elise.mclean@svm-glasgow.co.uk) with your CV. We hope to hear from you soon!